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Here are some Indian style mushroom recipes for you. You can get varieties of mushrooms such as cep , chancellery, morel, oyster, shiitake. Mushrooms are good source of potassium & trace elements. But if you want to try gathering mushroom from the wild, be careful because some of the most toxic varieties look similar to edible mushrooms. In India mushrooms are used widely for cooking mushroom curry, mushroom paneer , fried mushroom, mushroom paratha & lots more.

Mushroom Noodles Recipe 0

Mushroom Noodles Recipe

Mushroom Noodles Recipe . Mushroom noodles has the unique combination of boiled noodles garlic ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar and chopped mushrooms. Truly an excellent snack or side dish recipe which can be made into meal when paired with a soup. This...

Mushroom Do Pyaza Recipe 0

Mushroom Do Pyaza Recipe

Mushroom Do Pyaza Recipe . Mushroom do pyaza uses the onion in double the quantity hence the name “do pyaza”. Do means 2 (double) pyaza means onions in hindi . It is a simple but flavorful mushroom in onion tomato based curry. Mushroom...

Shahi Mushroom Recipe 0

Shahi Mushroom Recipe

Shahi Mushroom Recipe . Shahi Mushroom is a royal gracy dish prepared with all goodness of cashew nut paste. Tastes just awesome with paratha, naan or Kulcha. Most of us love to eat mushrooms but either don’t know how to cook it properly...

Kadai Mushroom Recipe 0

Kadai Mushroom Recipe

Kadai Mushroom Recipe . Kadai mushroom is an easy and quick dish . Button mushrooms are cooked in tomato based semi dry gravy. Very delicious Indian mushroom recipe. It is made the same way as kadai paneer, paneer is replaced with...

Mushroom Curry Recipe 0

Mushroom Curry Recipe

Mushroom Curry Recipe . There are some foods which taste the best when made with minimum ingredients and are healthy as well. This mushroom recipe is the same – simple yet delicious. An Indian style, very easy to make curry. Sliced...

Mushroom Pulao Recipe 0

Mushroom Pulao Recipe

Mushroom Pulao Recipe . Mushroom pulao is made a bit different from the regular pulao. If it is prepared the same way, one would prepare a veg pulao, the mushrooms will be very soft and soggy with not much flavor...